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Buying Glasses

Before you buy any glasses, you'll need to have had a recent eye test, or a valid prescription to make sure your eyes are in tip-top condition and you're seeing clearly in your new frames. If you need an eye test, you can book online or give your local store a call.

Frame Materials

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses can be made of a variety of different materials. Each of these have distinct properties.

Frame Size Guide

Everything you need to know about selecting optical frames. Whether you are a first time spectacle wearer or an experienced wearer looking for suggestions we have got you covered.

Face Shape

Learn about the seven primary face shapes and the type of eyeglass frames that look best on each shape.

Lens Extras and Treatments

Our extensive range of lenses always include scratch-resistant treatment as standard. However we’ve also got a great range of lens extras and treatments that will help to protect or enhance your lenses. Have a look at what we offer.